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PT. COMLEC INDONESIA, known as COMLEC, was established on April 29, 2009. It has more than twelve years of experience in providing services, both as an institution and as a consortium. We are proud of our past successes and we will continue this trend of success in the future. We understand the challenges and opportunities ahead in the Creative Industry, Event Management and Audio Visual Production.


Comlec was founded in 2009 with the notarial deed of Santi Paramitha, SH, Number 1, April 29, 2009. In its development, COMLEC has made organizational changes in accordance with the notarial deed of Elly Rustam, SH, Number 12, October 27, 2020. Through the support and involvement of the experienced management and expert staff, COMLEC establishes an operating policy adhering to the principles of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism.